Construction of a cylindrical GEM detector

In view of a possible use for the NA49 upgrade at CERN, we are developing a semi-cyindrical GEM detector. The first prototype, shown here, is fully assembled with three COMPASS large size rejected GEMs (31x31 cm2), intended for mechanical and gas tightness studies. A working prototype is in construction. The detector has been designed by Eric David and assembled by Miranda Van Stenis (PH-DT2).

The frame set used for the assembly:

Mechanical prototype in construction, using a precision temporary mandrel; electrodes are glued and assembled in sequence:

Completely assembled Triple-GEM cylindrical detector, with emulated readout connectors on its long side. Radius and length of the module are, respectively, ~10 cm and `30 cm, determined by the size of the GEMs used:

The work continues with the design of a readout plane and assembly of a working prototype.